TROIS MARES IS ACTUALLY A SMALL OUTLYING VILLAGE OF FOND VERRETTES, way out at the end of the trail in Haiti's eastern mountains bordering the Dominican Republic. It's a treacherous ride through flooded river bottoms and around blind turns along high cliffs--not for the weak of mind or spine.

The school keeps growing since members of Grace Lutheran Church in Teaneck NJ began partnering with it in 2010. The Light and Peace Mission school now educates more than 300 students ages 2-17 in preschool through grade 6. Trois Mares celebrated its first graduation in 2016, with 10 students who qualified for further education. The Superintendent of Education for the district of Fond Verrettes called our school “a shining example to other area schools, which invite children to come but don't really prepare them to advance” grade to grade toward graduation.


The open church sanctuary where the school began can no longer accommodate all the children, so grades five and six have been using outdoor spaces covered with tarps and bits of aluminum.

As always, we took photos of all the students for the Trois Mares sponsors, Dr. Wong gave each a fluoride treatment, and Bert showed them several dramatic science experiments. We gave out gift bags for all, for the oldest girls and female teachers we gave washable feminine hygiene kits, and reading glasses for the Alphas. The school surprised us this a big after-school party with songs, games and lots of general silliness.