All the school children and teachers

What we found in St Louis d'Ayiti: resources!

 water from a spring-fed well

Never have we seen this in Haiti before.

6 public restrooms

Built by a Haitian non-profit's grant, for which Pr. Ronald Lefranc applied. We've never seen this in Haiti before either.

Beautiful Church, well maintained and decorated

They obviously take great pride in the building and keep it as nice as possible. During the days, the school meets there, but there is so much going on in this extremely remote location, the building would better serve as a community center.


The most impressive resource we have in SLA is leadership with vision. We saw their church and we saw their school. We asked how they could teach without materials. After some discussion, our translator shook his head and said, "There's really no English word to describe how they can do it." As the discussion progressed, we discovered the principal, Michel Paul, was looking for visual aids on the walls--like lettering charts, graphs, geometric displays and maps; a library; teacher training; small businesses; incentive to keep successful people from moving away! This kind of vision is rare and delightful to see in Haiti. We look forward to working with the the St. Louis community into their unique future. 


Meanwhile, teachers and students really need a separate building with proper rooms dedicated to each grade. Without it, and with their former lack of regular teacher salaries, attendance, discipline and steady progress have become very difficult. 

Thanks to their new partners at Christ Church, Hamilton and Wenham, the Light and Peace Mission in St. Louis d'Ayiti (SLA) is gaining school sponsors to support dependable salaries. Our team was happy to represent Christ Church, deliver the gift bags and other materials they'd provided, and find out as much as possible to relay back.

We plan to present slides and discussion of this project January 6 at Christ Church of Hamilton and Wenham. Call the church office for more details.