Everybody Loves a Packathon!

Can you spare 2 hours on Saturday, October 26?

Join more than 400 volunteers from the North Shore of Boston to pack school lunches for kids in Haiti. These kids often go to school hungry and do not eat all day until, hopefully, they have some dinner with their family. But many cannot count on even one meal each day. That’s no way to learn. No way to fight the diseases that so often accompany profound hunger. You can help change all that. Packathon volunteers will learn of the need and form efficient assembly lines packing rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and vitamins.

Volunteers will meet in the community room of Christ Church at 149 Asbury Street in South Hamilton, MA. Shifts are scheduled for 9-11 am, noon-2, and 3-5 pm.

While this event is free so everybody can come, we need to raise some money to make it happen. Our goal is to raise $25,000, which includes $19,000 for the packathon and $6,000 to buy land for a new school in St. Louis d’Ayiti.

Please Donate Now to help us fund North Shore Packathon for Haiti and register for a packing session Saturday, October 26. We hope you see you there with all your friends! We will make a difference for lots of kids.

Future Forward for Haiti is so proud to have our headquarters in Teaneck NJ where more than 700 volunteers come out to pack meals for Light and Peace Schools in Trois Mares and Chapottin, Haiti. This has been going on for the past six years! The 650,000 meals we’ve packed have provided a full lunch programs for students who, for the first time, are progressing through the grades, graduating, qualifying, and attending more advanced schools. In addition, their parents are learning to read and starting small businesses to improve their family’s income. South Shore Packathon for Haiti is modeled on Teanecks packathon. Here are some photos of Teaneck’s event.

Thank you, Teaneck.png