Chapottin is located down in the southeastern corner of Haiti, within a mile of the Dominican Republic on two sides. We often hear of parents taking their children across the border when life becomes unmanageable in Chapottin. To get to Chapottin, we drive through the beautiful Forest of Pines National Preserve and into rich farm land--owned by people who live in Port au Prince or even across the border. Landowners instill such fear in local people that we often see severe malnutrition in this beautiful, lush area. Since members and friends of Christ Episcopal Church in Teaneck began working with the Chapottin school in 2013, enrollment has increased from 60 to 250 students.

Finishing work is being completed on the school, which houses grades 1-4. Preschool and grades 5-6 meet in the larger open church building.

The Light and Peace School graduated its first three students in June 2017!