We keep working To meet annual needs:

Teaneck packathons for Haiti

2017 5th Annual Teaneck Packathon for Haiti, on November 11, 2017, saw 748 volunteers from around Bergen County and beyond pack 125,448 school lunches for the Light and Peace students in Trois Mares and Chapottin to eat three days a week through 2018. We also raised money for locally sourced meals to feed the children the other two weekdays, providing variety and boosting Haitian business and farming. 

2016 Teaneck Packathon for Haiti packed 100,000 meals and financed 50,000 more to be locally-sourced near Trois Mares and Chapottin. Also raised funds to build desperately-needed classroom for Trois Mares.2013 First Teaneck Packathon for Haiti sent 25,000 meals to Trois Mares and financed Chapottin School rehab.

2015 Teaneck Packathon for Haiti sent 125,000 meals to Trois Mares and Chapottin Schools. Financed 22,860-gallon cistern for Chapottin.

2014 Teaneck Packathon for Haiti sent 90,000 meals to Trois Mares and Chapottin Schools. Began collecting for community cistern in Chapottin.

Annual Textbook Challenge:

For 2018-19, the Light and Peace school in Trois Mares will need approximately $5000 , Light and Peace, Chapottin will need $4000, and Light and Peace St. Louis d'Ayiti will need about 3,000. 

Because Haitian students use workbooks for every subject, the books must be replaced every year. Most Haitian schools require parents to buy their children's textbooks each year, but as most people in Haiti earn only a dollar a day and a full set of books costs $30.  This cost alone keeps most children out of school, So we appeal every year for your help. We know it gets tedius, but imagine trying to practice your letters without paper or master information without books.