Join Teaneck Packathon for Haiti November 12, 2016

Here's how we pack lunches

Teaneck Packathon, a spectacular chance for people to come together to relieve starvation.

Teamwork--on a massive scale!

Teaneck Packathon for Haiti 2016

will need about 600 volunteers to label, pack, bag, weigh, count, box, carry, and palletize boxes of meals to ship to our Light and Peace schools in Haiti. Working together, by the end of the day each volunteer will have packed about 240 meals into one box which will feed one student each weekday for a year. The contents of that box cost just $67! 

to make it all happen we need $53,000 to:

  • Provide 150,000 meals for our Haitian kids thru 2017; 
  • Finance classroom for Grade 6 in Trois Mares;

Teaneck Packathon for Haiti is committed to providing lunch for the Light and Peace students every weekday, all year! These meals are made of rice, beans, dehydrated vegetables, and fortified with sufficient nutrition for healthy growth and mental development, even if they are the only meals the children eat each day.

If you can spare two hours Saturday, November 12, 2016 to help pack almost 8 tons of food for "our kids" in Trois Mares and Chapottin, please click Register to Volunteer for 9-11 am, Noon-2, 3-5, or 6:30-8:30 pm. To help us fund our goals, click Donate Now. Teaneck Packathon will again be held at Grace Lutheran Church, 1200 River Road in Teaneck NJ.

Teaneck Packathon for Haiti 2015

Thanks to 692 Packathon volunteers who packed 125,068 meals (loading 14.5 shipping pallets) last November, students at the Light and Peace Schools of Trois Mares and Chapottin, Haiti, can count on eating lunch every school day and all summer long through December 2016. 

When you consider that each volunteer packed an average of 180 meals, it becomes clear that every volunteer was needed to put us over our goal of 125,000 meals. If  you were there, you made the difference!