Thank you, Teaneck.png

710 Volunteers,

115,200 school lunches!

November 10, 2018, saw 710 generous, enthusiastic people offering at least two hours of their Saturday to pack lunches for needy Light and Peace students in Trois Mares and Chapottin, Haiti.

Future Forward for Haiti is so proud of our to have our headquarters in Teaneck, where people from all across our community work together to help folks they may never meet but who need them.

Before each packing session, we learned of progress in the communities since Packathon 2017. This year, progress included the construction of new and improved classrooms, new boys and girls rooms, advancement of graduates to secondary schools, and emerging enterprises among community adults. It’s been a very good year!

By the end of our event, we were able to pay Feed the Hunger for all the food we packed. WE are still a little short of our goal for Haitian-sourced meals for one day a week. Having stretched to build as many classrooms as possible, we still need money to complete them with chalkboards, benches, doors and windows.